Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Bad news, folks: UFOMystic has garnered over twice the Zorgy Award votes as Posthuman Blues. While Greg Bishop and Nick Redfern are obviously up to their usual dirty tricks and will be EXPOSED in due course, I can't allow them to get away with it.

That's why I've sent receptionist extraordinaire Liona Tanaka on a SECRET mission to foil their scheme. In future posts I'll personally CONFIRM Bishop and Redfern's treachery!

To cast your vote for Best Paranormal Blog, click here. To contact Miss Tanaka, send email to macbot [at] yahoo dot com. I'll make sure she gets it.


Greg Bishop said...


You won last year!

Mac said...

You're goin' down, Space Brother!

mr. intense said...

Heh. If I lacked ethical integrity, I could tell you how to hack PollHost polls to create the results you want (I mentioned a couple techniques to Paul some time back in email), but since that would be _wrong_, and I assume you want the voting to be honest, I will refrain.

But everyone should know PollHost polls can be relatively easily cracked and played around with.

Paul Kimball said...

Mr. Intense:

Yes, they can, but just about any poll on the Net can if you try hard enough. I leave it to people to be honest - really, if someone is sad enough to hack a poll like this, there's something seriously wrong with them.


dad2059 said...

Hard choices guys, you're all so good and I'm a newbie to the game.

Good luck Mac and Friends.