Tuesday, November 13, 2007

It just keeps getting better, folks . . .


Anonymous said...

Now Mac, I thought we agreed you would stay far, far away from this little man? I could be wrong here but he and his ongoing drama aren't really on anyones radar. Why give him any blog time?

Anonymous said...

Mr. K is clinically, undeniably insane, imho.

One sick, fucking, despicable buffoon.

A true wonder of neurosis, narcissism, grandiosity, and self-delusion. Example: still claiming to have designed an atomic bomb at the age of twelve, even though that fabulist claim has been thoroughly disproven.

An agent provocateur, confabulator, liar, and disinformational disrupter. The very definition of ludicrous.

So, he shaved his head to infiltrate a group of marching neo-Nazis, skinheads, and anarchists? Gee, I thought he said it was Al Qaeda suspects. He can't even keep his lies straight.

A truly bizarre wonder.

Where are the nine books he promised would be published by now? Has he published _any_ book since his truly terribly written and egregiously "researched" Roswell "expose" from over 10 years ago? Even one?

And now his invisible "supermodel" Martina Tycova has been "granted permission" to publish three new magazines? Including one entitled "Ufoology" (for adults only) with a half-nude woman on the fake, mocked-up cover? This guy just does not give up.

If you need any further documentation of his idiocy, other than his own website, see:
for 64 pages documenting in detail the horror that is Kalboy.

Other than all that, in a very strange way (like not being able to look away from a car wreck) he is an insidiously, fascinating, utter and complete fool.

Where does he get his money, and whose actual payroll is he on?

Mac said...

Now Mac, I thought we agreed you would stay far, far away from this little man?

Sorry. Couldn't resist. (He *is* entertaining, in a strange way.)

He can't even keep his lies straight.

Oh, how I wish he wouldn't delete his posts. He's *way* past his self-stated deadlines on a bunch of silly make-believe projects.

Like I said, he's entertaining.

Paul Kimball said...

Here's the thing about the ridiculous Kristallnacht march claim - the authorities were well on top of it, to the point, according to news reports, of having 1,400 police on the streets that night. They knew exactly where the neo-Nazis were going to be, and were well prepared to deal with them, without Kernel Korffy's participation.

But, as the Kernel has gone public with his loopy claim to have been a key undercover guy, I'm sure he'll be able to get his close pals at the Prague police to write a letter or some such (perhaps a sworn affidavit, as the Kernel is so fond of legals forms) attesting to the key role that the Kernel played.

Don't hold your breath.

Now, back to the real world. ;-)