Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tree man 'who grew roots' may be cured

The welts spread across his body unchecked and soon he was left unable to carry out everyday household tasks.

Sacked from his job and deserted by his wife, Dede has been raising his two children - now in their late teens - in poverty, resigned to the fact that local doctors had no cure for his condition.

To make ends meet he even joined a local "freak show", parading in front of a paying audience alongside victims of other peculiar diseases.

(Via Reality Carnival.)

Dede's malady is so grotesque it borders on the awe-inspiring. Scenes from "The Fly" spring to mind.


Katie said...

Looks like the same kind of stuff that rabbits get. Makes them look like the legendary "jackalopes". Big horny growths that sprout from their heads and mouths.

Anonymous said...

God, that IS bizarre. I was reminded of reading about elephantiasis where parts of the body grow to huge proportions but this doen't seem to be that. (Maybe related?)