Saturday, November 10, 2007

Scientists Develop Terminator-Style Helmets for Fighter Pilots

Futuristic new helmets will enable fighter jet pilots to see through their own aircraft, the Ministry of Defence said today. The head gear is being developed for the hi-tech F-35 Joint Strike Fighter by MoD scientists.

All it's missing is a neural interface.


mr. intense said...

Oh, man, Mac--you really oughta use the picture of the helmet at the link for illustration--looks even weirder than those white mickey mouse gas masks being used in the republic of Georgia right now in urban riots there:

Ah, and you want a true, brain electrode-based, neural interface for military pilot (and other options for man-machine interface) control purposes? Look no further than: and and

Of course, to avoid the messy, invasive business of brain thru skull electrode plug-in interfaces (or via wi-fi equivalent), one could use a layering of micro-squids (Superconducting Quantum Interference Devices-->SQUID's)inside a helmet to control a direct, non-invasive, neural interface for command and control remote functions. I'm sure scientists somewheres are quietly working on it. Just not practical yet, tech-wise. "Real soon now."

Kinda reminds me of the "data- mining" helmet used in X-Men by the good mutant leader. Now that would be cool, like a quantum device to interface to web 3.X--virtual, real-time "neuromancer" like visual graphic expression of data associations at your mental frontal-lobe fingertips! Ha!

I've said too much! Ack! Heh. 8*}

wintermuste x9 said...

Shades of Eastwood in "Foxfire"--"make it so", Picardian direct mental control via computerized interfaces? Yow. Limited only by the speed of light and brain reaction/response frequency rates.

Makes me wonder what the USAF is flying that we don't even know (publicly) about yet, eh?

Just make sure the nuclear-fusion missles are out of that loop to avoid accidental, pissed-off misfires. That's one "brain-fart" to be avoided.

The updated pic at the link reminds of something vaguely mantid.

I liked the reference to being able to "see" out the bottom of the JSF F-35 via infra-red. The future is becoming the now.

Mac said...

Some fighter helmets come close to resembling the wrap-around black eyes of the ubiquitous "Gray."

Anonymous said...

I think the writer was confusing "Terminator" and "Predator." I don't recall any see-through stuff in the Terminator movies though I haven't seen them for a while. But didn't the Predator have something like X-ray goggles that made it impossible for his human prey to hide from him?