Sunday, November 11, 2007

On some level I find these photos deeply satisfying. They speak to the assumed permanence of artificial banality; the river is a deft wound in a planet gone irrevocably insane.

(Thanx: Reality Carnival.)


Anonymous said...

Um, the planet hasn't gone insane, unless you're vested in the Gaia hypothesis; it's just certain humanoid inhabitants who went out to lunch and never came back, as the cafeteria here has grown too small and venal. Ahem. Know whotta mean?

dad2059 said...

I think it's rather amusing myself.

Nothing is permanent.

Anonymous said...

It just shows that Mother Nature never sleeps. Go with the flow....

Elan said...

Seems to be the result of a heavy rain and flood on Finch in Toronto a couple of years back...any Toronto readers here to verify?

Elan said...

August 22, 2005
The City of Toronto continues to clean-up and repair roads and facilities
damaged by Friday’s storm.
The following is an update on major storm related work:

Finch Avenue West (past Sentinel) -A large section of Finch Avenue West washed away as a result of the heavy rain and flooding.
Repair of the collapsed section of road will take approximately three to four months and the total cost of repairs will be approximately will be approximately $5