Thursday, November 22, 2007

Some good (?) news: the problem with my hard-drive might be due to a bit of malicious code that's since been identified and excised. I'll wait and see -- and continue backing up regardless.

The Plaza lighting ceremony attracted such a melee of tourists that I stayed inside until it had ended. The newly illuminated streets and sidewalks are strewn with litter, the trashcans bulging with disposable coffee cups.

French fries and espresso for dinner.


michael said...

I encourage the continued back up of the hard drive. A drive of that age, and my presumption that you keep it spinning almost constantly makes it suspect to be on its way out. Mechanical devices eventually fail as do many electronic components in these devices.

Mac said...


Will do.

richelle said...

oh. my. god. you're in KC. I haven't seen the plaza lights for years--this may be a stupid question, but is Swanson's still around? Plaza III (I was at a table there with a bunch of old drag queens and Barbara Billingsly..I hope that place still exists.) What else? Houstons--the baked potato soup, and there was a punk rock store called Archaic Smile, but that wsn't on the plaza. And the bar "Starz." god.

Mac said...


Greetings! I take it you once lived here? Swanson's is no more, but the Plaza III is alive and well. Houston's too.

richelle said...

I almost wish I wouldn't have asked about Swansons. That was such a fancy remnant. Did they at least keep the sign?

I grew up in Topeka, actually, but as you can imagine, we spent a ton of time in Lawrence and KC during high school and college years. I had a lot of relatives in KC too, so I spent much time there growing up also.

Mac said...

The Plaza is probably a bit more homogenized than when you were here. No more Houlihan's :-(