Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I thought I'd heard the last of the "drone" hoax. I was wrong.

Alienware Behind 'Drone' UFOs?

Computer hardware company Alienware (a subsidiary of Dell) has been running a competition around the release of two new laptop models, where entrants must decode the same 'alien glyphs' as found in the CARET document. The competition page and hint pages also make use of the same vector illustrations found in the document. Yesterday's press conference to unveil the new laptops also made use of the glyphs (which spell out 'Alienware') - the 'logo' is also apparently inscribed on the computers themselves.


mr. intense said...

Um, Alienware/Dell only came late to this game--while they may have incorporated some of the "alien glyph" graphics and embossed them onto the cases of two of their new laptops, the implication that Dell was behind the drone hoax as a form of viral marketing is very dubious.

They got the idea _from_ the hoax, and are taking advantage of it for marketing purposes, exploiting it actually.

This creates a funny situation--whoever did the CARET website graphics ("Isaac") might have a copyright issue with Dell, and might be able to sue, but then he'd have to come forward to publicly make an issue of this, which I doubt very much he will. Or, perhaps he has licensed them to use the font, sub rosa.

for further excruciatingly minute details.

Not sure of the copyright issues (like, just by publishing on the isaac/caret site, was a copyright automatically created? Or, would the perp have had to separately copyright the "alien language" font, which is apparently unique, and if he didn't, are the graphics thus now in the public domain for Dell to use?), but it's a "gray" area. Pun intended. 8^}

Anonymous said...

First it was "Alientech," now it's "Alienware." What next? "Alienporn"?

Anonymous said...

Heh. No, you can find "alien porn" already on the net. So, it's not "next," it's already been done. How about ghosts of aliens?

dad2059 said...


Dell ain't got nuthin' on that, the old Heavy Metal magazine was up on that thirty years ago!

I wouldn't mind seeing a video update though!

Mac said...

No, you can find "alien porn" already on the net.

Too true.

Anonymous said...

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