Monday, November 05, 2007

Here's an intriguing re-evaluation of the famous Antonio Villas-Boas abduction that suggests Boas may have seen at least one alien craft while in government custody (or led to believe he had). If true, the implications are perhaps stranger than the abduction itself.

Also interesting (to me) was Boas' admission that the red-haired woman he supposedly encountered during the course of his abduction was far from "pretty," as commonly depicted.

(Thanks: The Anomalist.)


Siani said...

I'd long since dismissed the Villas-Boas case as a hoax/misperception, until I read the Villarubia article. The new details emerging in that article are interesting, to say the least, especially the apparent corroboration by relatives, who were not included in the original investigation.

Anonymous said...

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