Thursday, November 01, 2007

More good stuff from Daniel Pinchbeck:

The Almighty Amero

These days I feel lost in the immense suffering and madness of our world. Something has snapped in the spirit of the time; events have gone beyond human capacity to control, predict or even conceptualize. Those who insist they know what is happening are merely pretending, or dissembling. When novelty arises, when old structures disintegrate before new patterns reveal themselves, there are no experts.

Perhaps the best oracles we can consult are systems analysts like Erwin Laszlo. Laszlo studies chaos theory and believes global civilization is a few years away from what he calls "the chaos point." According to Laszlo, we are at a "crucial decision-window" of instability. "When we reach the point of chaos," Laszlo tells us, "the stable 'point' and 'periodic' attractors of our systems will be joined by 'chaotic' or 'strange' attractors." These "strange attractors" will propel us, like booster rockets, to evolutionary development or entropic debauch. In other words, we should prepare ourselves for the unknown and inexplicable.


dad2059 said...

Sounds like another term for a Technological, or any other form of Singularity to me.

Apocolypes have always occurred during human history.

But Osiris, Sumerian gods, Zoraster, Yeshua and the Mahdi have yet to return.

Elan said...

Do you hear that whooshing sound?
That’s the prophetic deadlines rushing past us, one after another, unfulfilled.
Our carbon footprint and the mess we are making of this planet will undo the enterprise of the human experience long before any kind of noetic singularity.
It is hubris to think we will be facing and end-point based on human perception and innovation.
We’ll be done in by simple, banal greed and the need to reproduce like dung beetles.
Soylent Green is people, folks. How’s that for a very un-sexy singularity?

intense prophet of the dark humor bar said...

Singularity? Singularity?! I don't got to show you no steenkin' singularity! [sound of guns being pulled rapidly from leather holsters]--"...Sierra Madre"

Hey, folks, don't worry about the latest apocalypto meme-dance around the 2012 mythos!

That's only 5 years from now--system collapse will take longer than most armageddonites predict. By Xmas, 2012, listen for that whooshing sound Elan refers to above.

No, no. The real breakdown paradigm shift begins later, in late 2017! That's my prediction, and I'm sticking to it. Mark my prophetically inestimable words! 8^}