Sunday, June 26, 2005

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Zabbadoo said...

I don't understand how anyone could look at that alleged body and then compare it to someone with progeria and then somehow draw the conclusion that the two were in any way similar. The alleged body by that logic might in fact be Lex Luthor, since Lex Luthor is also bald. There is nothing about the alleged body that gives any suggestion of the effects of progeria. The skin appears supple and flexible. The eyes are not bulging and wide-eyed but rather, and I want to emphasize this, inhumanly large. The appearance of a large head in a child with progeria is due to the wasting of muscle tissue, and is illusory. This alleged body does not seem to be lacking any muscle mass, and in addition to it's inhumanly large cranium and other inhumanly small facial features, has what could easily be described as a very much more than atypically sturdy and muscular neck, almost as if it was a feature which had evolved to support a relatively large head.

W.M. Bear said...

Learn to think.

Zabbadoo said...

Wow. I am stunned. What an incredibly clear and well thought out refutation. You know what you are? You're like a debate ninja. Wow. Such tactical wizardry. Ok, I'm going to take a page from your book and approach this from that angle. "The guy who said it's progeria is a poo-head." Wow. Awesome. And so easy! To think that I had previously wasted time with, you know, REASON, and examining the substance of what the other person is saying, when all along all I had to do is insult the person saying the stuff I disagreed with. You have shown me the way! I have seen the light!! Glory be! Glory be!!!

Kyle said...

Hey Zabba -

A better response might have been..."learn to debate". *g*

The weakness in the AA video for me is the sense that gravity doesn't seem to work on this corpse as it does others. Since the flesh is obviously not "stiff" as the folding back of the abdominal flesh shows, why does the corpse not reflect a "flattening" or droopiness where the flesh rests on the table?

Having worked in a film processing lab where autopsy photos were routinely processed and printed (along with medical examiner/coroners office crime scene photos) there is a marked "sagging" in a body that is dead, even moreso than a living body that is unconscious.

Lie down on your kitchen table, and have someone photograph you. You will note that your body flattens against the table wherever gravity can overcome the tension of connective tissue.

Now imagine your body with no blood pressure, heartbeat, or any of the processes that make a human body resist gravity, and you would see a much "flatter" look stiil.

Note the section where one of the "dr.s" lifts the raises in a unified sagging or "mushy" indentations where the hands actually lift the leg. Now visualize a dead human body being handled...the limbs are little more than "waterbags", and evey touch results in an impression, and when the limb is returned to the table, the flesh spreads out flat against the table. No evidence of this appears in the video. In other words, where a human corpse is best described as a huge, very heavy water balloon, (ask a funeral worker how easy it is to pick up a corpse), and then look at the "aliens" handling, and how easy it would be to pick up this "alien". It looks more and more like a prop.

The lack of this sagging, in contrast to its apparent suppleness, tells me we are seeing a model. Not even a very good one.

Now, the only argument that I could accept to counter this very well-established effect of death would be a case that the body is not human, and possesses properties not found in humans. Unfortunately, the "evidence" for this thesis falls far short of "conclusive", IMHO.

My conclusion...the subject of the alien autopsy is a model...a too-stiff, gravity defying rubber prop...unless and until further evidence to the contrary makes itself apparent.

At this late date, I doubt it will.



W.M. Bear said...

You're like a debate ninja.

I like it!