Friday, June 24, 2005

More UFOs in the Arecibo Radio Observatory

"On the other hand, although the scientists who operate the fabulous Arecibo Radio Observatory have always denied that the so called UFO phenomenon exists, or the possibility that alien beings from other planets of the Cosmos visit us on Earth, the truth is that they have covertly participated in investigations related to the UFO subject."

If true -- the irony!


W.M. Bear said...

But consider the source:

Evidence of this is an official internal memo of the State Civil Defense Agency of Puerto Rico, known today as the Puerto Rico Emergency Management Agency.

It would be interesting to actually read a copy of this "memo." Otherwise, the whole story sounds pretty much like sheer hearsay to me. (Hey, I alternate between naively credulous and slitty-eyed debunking modes!)

Mac said...

I'm skeptical, too. And I'm unaware of any followup, so chances are this was an attempt to capitalize on the Arecibo dish's known SETI uses.