Sunday, June 26, 2005

Phantom flyers

"In his 1975 book The Cosmic Pulse of Life, Constable calls them 'critters'. 'As living organisms,' he writes, 'critters appear to be an elemental branch of evolution probably older than most life on Earth, dating from the time when the planet was more gaseous and plasmatic than solid ... They will probably one day be better classified as belonging to the general field of macrobiology or even macrobacteria inhabiting the aerial ocean we call the sky.'" (Via UFO Reflections.)

Shades of H.P. Lovecraft's "Cthulu Mythos."


Anonymous said...

Could this be one of them?

Kyle said...

Hey Anonymous,

Constable asserts that the "critters" are by and large invisible to "us". His technique is very complicated, and the critters are only rarely visible when certain specific conditions are met.

The linked video clip is of an inflated mylar party balloon, in my estimation. Its undulations in the breeze are very unusual, but a paper napkin discarded at a picnic can likewise "come to life", dancing on the breeze, rising and swooping as if controlled by some unseen "pilot". The lack of any additional valuable evidence makes this case "unsolvable" at any rate. I tend to lean toward the prosaic explanation unless compelling evidence to the contrary trumps the most likely prosaic explanation. My process of separating the "wheat from the chaff". :)

The key to looking at these video clips is to remember that whatever propulsion system an alien might utilize, their craft are still subject to our local conditions, and aerodynamics and friction still play a part, even if these forces are not a factor in the system used.

When you see a ufo video, and the object rotates erratically, exhibits no clear destination, drifts with the breeze, and reacts as if buffeted by the winds aloft, it is highly unlikely that you are seeing something from another planet. It is quite likely however, that there is a very disappointed child nearby. :) Try to find a simple explanation first, and eliminate them one by one.

Constable's vritters may well exist. Since the vast majority of the universe we now know consists of "dark matter" that we cannot measure or quantify in any way, who's to say what is or is not co-existing with us on alternate but parallel dimensions or frequencies?

I remain skeptical on this, but find the subject intriguing.


Kyle said...

Mac -

Cthulhu phtagn!!! I haven't seen a reference to Yog and the gang in forever.

Besides keeping Jeffrey Combs working fairly steadily, Lovecraft's twisted version of "Middle Earth" has been in short supply in the popular culture.

My introduction to Yog Sothoth while in high school led me on an artistic mission to learn how to draw tentacles convincingly. An odd bird? Perhaps. *LOL*

Thanks for the reference, and the memory lane express ticket.



Mac said...

(Perhaps) synchronistically, I have Lovecraft's birthday: Aug. 20. Also, the day I was born was the day the Viking probe that went on to photograph the Face on Mars was launched. I find the latter kind of interesting given my interest in the subject.