Sunday, June 19, 2005

You know the "checkerboard" patterns you sometimes see when you rub your eyes? I just realized they look almost exactly like cellular automata. (Rudy Rucker's probably already had this epiphany, but it was new for me.)


The Andy-Christ said...

Regarding those patterns (which sometimes look remarkably like "psychedelic art"), when asked how he would pass the time if he were to be imprisoned in solitary confinement for the rest of his life by an interviewer, Salvador Dali responded "by rubbing my eyes to create patterns which I would observe." or something like that! Having been a past voyager on the SS LSD, I can see where he's coming from. The patterns you see when you rub your eyes (really dig in and keep it up for a few minutes!) do bear a remarkable resemblance to the patterns which you see in everyday surroundings (such as carpets, textured walls, etc) while under the influence of pshycoactive substances! This has made me wonder on many occasions (since I stopped using those chemicals) what the relationship was. To me it gives some kind of credence to the concept that the "world" we percieve is a holograph (or some analogue thereof), and that such substances enhance one's ability to see the "substrate", as it were.

Mac said...

I had an interesting (non-LSD) experience a while back when the vessels in my retina popped. It took a while to heal -- and my sight was impaired -- but I saw interesting patterns when I blinked.