Friday, June 17, 2005

From "Holistic Physics - or - An Introduction to Quantum Tantra" (by Nick Herbert):

"Many primitive peoples organized their lives around a doctrine we call 'animism', the belief that every object possesses sentient 'insides' like our own. The quantum consciousness assumption, which amounts to a kind of "quantum animism" likewise asserts that consciousness is an integral part of the physical world, not an emergent property of special biological or computational systems. Since everything in the world is on some level a quantum system, this assumption requires that everything be conscious on that level. If the world is truly quantum animated, then there is an immense amount of invisible inner experience going on all around us that is presently inaccessible to humans, because our own inner lives are imprisoned inside a small quantum system, isolated deep in the meat of an animal brain. We may not need to travel into outer space to inhabit entirely new worlds. New experiential worlds of inconceivable richness and variety may already be present 'at our fingertips'--worlds made up of strangely intelligent minds that silently surround and interpenetrate our own modes of awareness."

I think Herbert's "quantum tantra" is an eminently useful tool in understanding the phenomenon we call "alien contact." More on this possibility later.

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Gerald T said...

The ‘Monkey’s Paw” sure had a life of its own!