Monday, June 13, 2005

Science fiction visionary Philip K. Dick died in 1982, but the guys behind are bringing him back. They're even blogging their progress.

(Thanks to Sauceruney.)


jason said...

Someone's has already beaten them to it, since I have myself almost run over his jaywalking ass five times* in downtown Lawrence in the past six months or so.

*It's actually been three different guys, but they all bear an uncanny resemblance to PKD. One guy in particular I've almost hit three times (the last time being about two weeks ago), and he looks exactly like the picture in this post.

Mac said...

Remember Rucker's essay "Haunted By Philip K. Dick" in "Seek!"?

Gerald T said...

Just finished reading Phil K D’s biography, seems he went thru the same thing that's happening to me, the world as a giant hologram bit!!! Aw Crap! Looks like he dies a little while after the big revelation,,, groan…looks like I got a choice to make, point out and fight the Reflective Sphere and get offed pretty quick, or play computer games the rest of my life and be fat dumb and happy.