Wednesday, June 22, 2005

GREEN Flaming SUVs: A conversation with convicted ecoterrorist Jeff Luers

"I think that anyone who is quick to judge me for what I did should, at the very least, be quick to judge corporations for what they do. They look at my activities and say that they're wrong because they break the law. But I believe in a higher law: We have a responsibility to future generations and a responsibility to ourselves to challenge injustice. The destruction of the world is injustice. The exploitation of indigenous peoples and peasants in underdeveloped countries is injustice.

"I've gone down the road of aboveground activism, I've gone down the road of lobbying Congress, of meeting with corporate entities -- I know what kinds of results they get. If anyone can point out something that works better than what I did, I'll be more than happy to listen. Until then, here I am five years later for burning an SUV, and that one single action seems to have worked out pretty well for me so far. I don't have a problem doing time for my beliefs, because I believe strongly enough in them to accept it. I think that's what some people out there don't understand. The dangers that we're facing -- they're real."

I don't advocate "ecoterrorism." But if you're going to torch a vehicle, why waste time on SUVs when Hummer dealerships are everywhere?


KennyJC said...

"the then 22-year-old Luers was sentenced to 22 years and 6 months in prison"

WTF! For setting fire to a few SUV's? Murderes and paedophiles get barely half that time in the UK.

Mac said...

I have little doubt this guy's being used to "set an example."

W.M. Bear said...

One alternative to burning them is ticketing them.

TheUltimateCyn said...

I am so friggin tired of the "example" crap from the government/courts. That's all bullshit.