Monday, June 27, 2005

US Has Plans to Again Make Own Plutonium

"The Bush administration is planning the government's first production of plutonium 238 since the cold war, stirring debate over the risks and benefits of the deadly material. The substance, valued as a power source, is so radioactive that a speck can cause cancer."

I think it's probable we'll go out with a bang and a wimper. Likelier still, lots of bangs and lots of wimpering.


sauceruney said...

Oh cool. Barbara Bush will probably live to see her son singehandedly destroy every advance we've made toward world peace in the last 60 years... in less than six!!

Has to make a mother proud!

Mac said...

Yeah, that W -- what a guy, huh?

W.M. Bear said...

Has to make a mother proud!

You have to wonder why they didn't keep him locked up in the attic or something.

Kyle said...

To all -

And with all Shrub's huffing and puffing about how we're gonna darn sure see that no one is out there building Weapons of Mass Destruction, once more Pogo comes to mind..."We have met the enemy, and he is us."

Hara-kiri is an honorable way to I'm told.