Thursday, June 23, 2005

There's a stubborn myth that no qualified medical doctors think the "alien autopsy" is "real." This persistent notion is resoundingly false, as the following piece demonstrates.

Part of the reluctance of doctors and pathologists to go on record supporting a progeria/polydactyly origin for the AA stems from the ufological "giggle factor"; when shown the footage and told what they're seeing is an alien from another world, their resistance is understandable. But viewed in a human context, free of the baggage that accompanies tales of crashed flying saucers, the AA makes a great deal of sense.

Similarly, most of the resistance to Redfern's thesis -- that we're probably viewing the dissection of a human being killed by top-secret military experimentation -- appears to stem from the "gag factor"; none of us want to consider the implications that accompany such a morbid scenario.

Nevertheless, I'm convinced we must follow the evidence and ditch the "will to believe" -- or, in the enduring case of the "alien" autopsy -- the will to disbelieve.

Note: I've emphasized key portions of the text in boldface.


"These shocking scenes are in a black and white film that caused a sensation when shown last summer. The fuzzy pictures allegedly show how U.S. military surgeons dissected an unworldly being from a crashed UFO. Circulation of the obscure work was by a British filmmaker. Many TV networks bought the alien autopsy from him; in Germany sequences were run on RTL. The belief in the UFO community was enthusiastic.

"But the U.S. government had recently shown it was no UFO in 1947, but rather a spy balloon that had crashed. Therefore skeptics quickly guessed that the film was a forgery. So their opinion was that the alleged extraterrestrial was a rubber dummy. However, the truth is much more macabre. The person lying on the pathologist's dissection table doctors have now proven to be a genetically deformed girl.

"'About 13 years old, she had unmistakable Progeria -- everything fits together,' said the dermatologist Thomas Jansen from the Ludwig-Maximilians University. People sick with Progeria age with remarkable swiftness. Even as children they look old. They suffer dwarfism, hair and teeth that fall out, and clogged arteries. Most of them die before puberty from heart attacks or strokes.

[. . .]

"In the entire world, there are only a handful of medical people who specialize in this mysterious hereditary disease. Most doctors aren't even familiar with the exact symptoms. Still, when Jansen saw the alien film on television, the diagnosis was clear for him. 'A textbook case,' so the dermatologist pointed out 'all the typical identifying characteristics of the illness progeria' seen in the autopsied corpse.

[. . .]

"With the 'old children,' the subdermal fatty tissue shrinks. Their skin is tight and stretched like plastic wrap. In this way, progeria makes it appear that the navel is missing. 'It's like an umbrella,' declared Jansen, 'when I open it, all the folds disappear.'

"Also, it's not unusual that the dead girl has six toes and fingers. Polydactyly [extra digits], said the dermatologist, is often seen accompanying rare deformities.

"Jansen considers his circumstantial evidence to be 'one hundred percent watertight.' Professors around the Ludwig-Maximilians University agree with this judgment, the findings being published in the Munich Weekly Medical Journal."

I might add to this rather damning account that it conflicts with my original interpretation of the film. Like some others, I thought there was a small but significant chance the being in the footage was a nonhuman entity (although not necessarily an extraterrestrial).

No longer.


Ken Younos said...

Now that's just goddamn sick.

Mac said...

It's your parents'/grandparents' tax dollars in action.

Mac said...

...Unless this was an independent job by someone wanting to pass a progeria victim off as an "alien." But at this point I think it's just as likely it's leaked gov't footage.

Regardless, I think we can safely conclude that the "alien" is a human being.

W.M. Bear said...

In this way, progeria makes it appear that the navel is missing.

Mac, you really nailed it. I mean really, REALLY nailed it, even the lack of a navel! Your whole analysis and conclusions represent simply brilliant detective work, no other word for it. And I find this particular revelation both sickening and stunning. I certainly would far rather live with idea that this was a hoax than confront the implications, but confront them we must. Yes, there was a hoax but the hoax lay with whoever tried to pass this film off as an "alien autopsy." We are watching the gruesome and real autopsy of a young-old girl afflicted with progeria who was likely used in a type of experiment that makes the Nazis look like humanitarians. Terrible, horrible.

Mac said...

The detective work was Nick Redfern's, not mine, so be sure to buy his brand-new "Body Snatchers in the Desert." I've just focused on the AA angle to see where it might lead. (Nick himself pointed me to the article quoted in this post.)

I don't know if you follow UFO UpDates or not -- it's a lot of email in your in-box and can be a little intimidating -- but I felt compelled to "debunk" those who are insisting the body is nonhuman: the same crowd that argues that polydactyly and lack of a navel exclude progeria. Hopefully I've put that myth to rest.

Occam's Razor certainly suggests we're seeing a diseased human and not a dummy or an alien, but as you can see from my newer post, there's still some question whether this is direct evidence of government experimentation or a commercial hoax.

In a way, it doesn't matter; thanks to Redfern's sleuthing we *know* that people with progeria involuntarily took part in experiments, along with many others with various defects. And I'm reasonably certain this explains the milieu of secrecy in the wake of the "Roswell Incident."


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