Sunday, June 26, 2005

I started "The Crack in Space" by Philip K. Dick tonight. So far, so good. After I finish it, there will only be three PKD novels I've yet to read (excluding certain hard-to-find posthumously published "mainstream" titles): "Dr. Futurity," "Vulcan's Hammer" and "The Golden Man."

I'm going to miss not having any "new" PKD to read. For many years I've counted on Dick to rescue me from the conventionality that infects even good contemporary science fiction. Whereas so much of today's output is sleek and sophisticated (certainly not a bad thing), Dick's early books have an inimitable playful quality that weds pulp genre fiction with high standards for characterization.

I suppose I could always start rereading his canon, but I somehow doubt I will; there are simply too many good books out there to warrant clinging to known favorites, regardless how good they might be. And life is short.


Gerald T said...

from the PKD web site...

'Although Philip K. Dick's In the Pursuit of VALIS: Selections from the Exegesis was published in the year 1991, there remain thousands of unpublished pages from this mostly handwritten journal. It contains autobiographical material, philosophical speculation and analysis of his own fiction. Due to the continuing interest in these unpublished pages, the Philip K. Dick Trust will be releasing additional volumes from the vast collection. These writings will be exclusive to '

Hi Mac, read all his books? Very impressive…

So have you read this Valis book?
I had a talk with JS on his forum; John thinks that Phil went insane.

The consensual definition of insanity is an awareness mode thought pattern that which does not fit the conventional world viewpoint. A viewpoint and belief of the world as a giant hologram, with us as [Awareness] nexus points within who are being manipulated by Trans dimensional entities, this is a non conforming stance, ie insane.

But what if this is how it is? Then to say some one is insane is to actually say they are sane. And all the sane people are in reality, quite delusional.

Also, so when I ask the question “Are the Trans Dimensionals suppressing the rest of Philip K’s Exegsis?” …how do you react…and just who is reacting?

Mac said...

Hi Mac, read all his books?

Almost; looks like I'm a confirmed Dickhead.

"VALIS" is awesome. Don't miss "Radio Free Albemuth."