Tuesday, June 14, 2005

"The Original EcoSphere® is the world's first totally enclosed ecosystem - a complete, self-contained and self-sustaining miniature world encased in glass. Be wary of inferior and lower quality imitations. Easy to care for, an EcoSphere is an incredible learning tool that can provide powerful insights about life on our own planet... and provide a glimpse of technology that's shaping the future of space exploration."

Needless to say, I want one.

(Coincidentally, last night I dreamed about Sea-Monkeys.)


Gerald T said...

This smells of a set up, I bet Mac just putting out some bait for me to pounce on, seems too easy…
Normally this would be the part where I go off on a lunatic rant about that Reflective Sphere Matrix thing but I think this time I will employ some hyper-D judo and talk about the Seahawks.

"Wallace made nice throws against tight coverage to tight end Jerramy Stevens and wide receivers Bobby Engram and Joe Jurevicius, but also had a pass intercepted by rookie free agent Terry Holley."

HA! Fooled ya! Nice normal conversation.

Cap'n Marrrrk said...

I've owned one. It only lasted a year and half, if that.

Mac said...

Seahawks? Football? Intercepted passes? AAAUUUGGGHHH!!!!!

*stunned silence, followed by the crackling sound of misfiring neurons*

Mac said...

"I've owned one. It only lasted a year and half, if that."

You mean to say: "I failed. I *let* it die in a year and a half."


Gerald T said...

Football is what the normal people talk about, Mac you know, every day folk, perhaps you have seen some parking their minivan at the supermarket?
Guess what, they may go a whole week with out thinking about cybergenticmutation!

I know, incredible.
I am sorry Mac but we are the scrawny sickly little monkeys cast out from the tribe, we who dream of boundless infinite universal consciousness, are in fact very far out of the mainstream of life. But all that is going to change in twenty years when the oil runs out, and then their pleasant little suburbia mind set will become a prison that they will not be able to escape.

TheUltimateCyn said...

I want one of these, and if I could afford it, I would buy one for both of us Mac.
I remember when I was a kid I had a huge sea monkey tank, and kept waiting for the "sea monkeys" to act like they did on the box they came in... uh... never happened. The mommy sea monkey never smiled and waved at me *sniff sniff*. I did manage to keep them alive for a VERY long time, until my mom knocked over the tank and they all died... I think it was one of the most traumatic deaths I had experienced up to that point.
I always dreamed of having more sea monkeys, but never could bring myself to "replace" the family I lost. And then some dimshit had to tell me, "Well, hell, they're only brine shrimp, a little bigger and you could eat 'um"
I hate rednecks. Have I ever mentioned that?
Needless to say, that is one of the kewlest EcoSphere things I have ever seen. AND they come with trade in's for a larger one, and warranties, AND Cap'n, a recharge, which means when they die, they recharge the colony for you [for a fee of course].

I want a whole shelf of these...
two whole shelves.