Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Searchers Look Skyward

"However, seeking the truth can be daunting and if you have a sneaking suspicion that you're not alone in searching on the subject of UFOs, you're correct. We hovered over the data and found queries on UFOs are up 14% over the past month. But who's buzzin' about those unidentified objects in the sky? Turns out, it's a West Coast thing -- with three of the top four metros for UFO searches floating in from the Golden State. And in another interesting twist, UFOs are a guy thing -- a whopping three-quarters of UFO searches come from sky gazing dudes."

I suspect there's something more than a little Freudian at work here. I think men subconsciously equate "aliens" with women, and that much of ufology is a symbolically enacted fascination with sex.

Just look at the "abductee" subculture with its explicitly sexual overtones; I'm not saying alien abduction can be explained by repressed sexuality (it can't), but that our unflagging interest in such tales has more to do with erotic fantasy than life on other planets.

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