Wednesday, June 22, 2005


"To recognize that the collective psychosis that is running rampant on our planet is a field phenomenon is to develop a more expansive, holistic vision in which we step out of the illusory identity which imagines that we are discrete entities who are separate from one another. This realization of our interconnectedness expresses itself as compassion. Together we are all collaboratively dreaming up what is happening. This is a mass shared dream in which we are all complicit."

This Jungian essay is very suggestive of the "implicate/explicate" order of physicist David Bohm, whose work not only helps us view the universe as a manifestation of "enfolded" forces, but holds an unflattering mirror to our sense of detachment and objectivity. Something very much like Nick Herbert's "holistic physics" is in order.

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The New Shaman said...

The rotation of the earth to our Sun has shifted a few years back. Since that shift all of our collective unconcious have been experiencnig revivals of our hidden pasts