Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Here's a typical UFO news story; it just so happens it's recent as well.

Man sees UFO two nights running

The main witness (there were at least two) has the following to say about his sighting:

"It became bright, then moved up and down and made weird shapes in the sky."

Interesting. Later we're treated to more details suggestive of something genuinely strange:

"Peacock said the object continued its apparently random movement across the sky almost until dawn, when it disappeared.

"He dismissed it as a strange phenomenon until he saw it reappear yesterday morning."

But finally reality becomes manageable again thanks to some rote debunkery:

"Experts were unable to identify the object but said it could have been a satellite burning up as it re-entered Earth's atmosphere."

Ignoring for the moment that there's no damned way this was satellite debris, who are these "experts"? "Journalism" does us a grave injustice when it's content to give the last word to people who, for all I can tell, may not even exist.

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