Sunday, November 23, 2008

CNN'S American Morning to Feature UFO Week

Looks like more of the same drek to me. Next, please.


pablum of solace said...

From: CNN American Morning index

All next week on American Morning we explore the possibility of intelligent life beyond Earth separating fact from fiction in our search for aliens.

Preview the series!!
[video link]


What do Moonwalker Edgar Mitchell, Actor Dan Aykroyd, Fmr. White House Chief of Staff John Podesta and CNN Correspondent Miles O'Brien have in common? They have all seen UFO's, believe in them or both.


61 years since the famous UFO incident and the place is still peddling the alien trade. We'll take you to the site where the UFO landed and let you decide.


Abductions: are they a reality or a product of vivid imaginations. We'll talk with someone who says they've been for a ride with ET. Could this really be true?


Listening to the heavens for a radio signal to prove there is intelligent life beyond Earth. What can be heard and could we make contact?


Did the NASA Opportunity Rover snap a picture of a fossilized worm? If so, what does life on Mars mean for the theory that we're not alone?

Yep. Looks like pretty standard mainstream media fare. Good for a little ratings bump to sell those commercials. Bland, digital oatmeal. Not even any raisins in the mix. Maybe a fossilized worm, though...mmmmm...tasty! 8^}

linus r. said...

all this kookiness is actually a very powerfull statement against the establishment.... i.e., the so called "sane" establishment.... there is no place for anything established and "sane" at a UFO convention!! I am happy to be a member of MUFON knowing that I am not the only weirdo on the planet.... the following dvd is absolutely essential for all UFO fans:
"The evidence is compelling" --- James Doohan

Anonymous said...

You could make a case that the "mainstream media" pays (at least) a small amount of attention to the phenomena and that might be better than none at all, bland though it is.


intense said...

Well, yes, it is of some potential benefit that the MSM pays some relatively small amount of attention to the ufo phenomena, and ancillary issues, as opposed to none at all, but I'd argue that the nature and content of the MSM coverage is the real issue, and what the MSM repeatedly does is to provide superficial, bemused, and shallow coverage to issues related to the ufo phenomena, more than anything else.

And that is where the MSM fails, in that, due to the known ratings boost stories about the ufo phenomena provide, you would think that they'd key on that fact to provide more depth and quality of coverage than they do, but generally you don't see really serious coverage of some of the more important issues related to the ufo phenomena such as, for example, Robert Hastings has provided, regarding the over 35-year linkage between some of the best ufo cases and multiple-witness reports being disproportionately seen both by ground and airborne military witnesses, and on radar, of ufo phenomena around, and in some cases interacting with, nuclear missile launch, development, and storage sites in the U.S., England, and Russia.

For further details, see: and

For another example, I viewed the video teaser about the current "American Morning" series, which featured Miles O'Brien as the primary reporter, and the small, curious, corkscrew-shaped "Italian pasta-like" "fossil" that video preview focused on, and it seemed rather arbitrary and unlikely to be a genuine fossil of any kind. But as a blipvert media amusement, I suppose it works for them.

linus r. said...

I was just about to say the same thing, Intense!! I just could not find the words, suffice it to say that my previous post makes an obvious statement.... here's a James Doohan "cold fusion" dvd....

Mac said...

"UFOs and Nukes" is on my to-read list.

Gareth said...

I usually get a sense of foreboding or dread when I see one of these things. I know Ill be angry after watching it.

Intense said...

Here's a link to a column by Billy Cox (De Void column) of the Herald Tribune about the CNN/American Morning series this week:

He expresses similar concerns about how this is probably a ratings-related stunt by CNN, and also how superficial such MSM coverage is.

I've looked at the first three video segments of CNN's "UFO Week," and found the third segement, reported by Miles O'Brien, about "alien abduction" to be pretty poorly done. But, what can you expect in daily 4.5 minute blipverts? Budd Hopkins isn't looking very well in the latest segment.