Thursday, November 06, 2008

Maybe it's just me, but certainly seems like the word-verification ("weevie") spam-filters used by Blogger have become mostly pronounceable. I've even noticed actual words where once was pure gibberish.

What do you think?


intense-o said...

I noticed that in the past week or two, also--seems likely Google is using new algorithms inserting vowels interpersed with consonants based on something similar to natural English language forms to create the current crop of captchas aka weevies for ease of use. The one I see below this text for use at the moment is "cytho"--see what I mean?

Kind of weird, as even some of the non-English "words" seem almost like they thus could be words. Haven't seen an actual English word yet, but a few very close.

(Suddenly visions of an infinitude of monkeys and typewriters appears...;)

[Clicked on review, and new captcha appeared: "opfutte" Optimal footing? Like something out of Burgess' "Clockwork Orange" or slanglang of nadsat...pass me over the velomesc on lomticks of toast, preez!]

Anonymous said...

Yep, I've noticed the same thing. I thought of starting to copy the more interesting ones down, they might make for interesting reading.


Anonymous said...

Beware the GooglePlex!

Techno-rapture anyone?

Anonymous said...

Had to type "retalin" to make this comment.

Presumably they noticed too many mistakes with the earlier ones?

Anonymous said...


Or else they are trying to plant certain thoughts into our subconscious.

nadsatty intensity said...

What's most interesting to me, at least, is how such "Engloidish" wordbits might even create and inspire the adaption of the most surprising or cogent captcha's, due to internet propagation factors that led to "teh" and "meh" for example, or the lolcat memes, to be actually eventually adopted to express certain ideas in a slangy or more effective way than even real language words. Pass the synthamesc, me droogies!

Current captcha: mankera (oh, and I do, in fact, so care, man!)

aeiouyntense said...

Ingst? Is that like some form of involuted angst? How about engst, ongst, and ungst? OK, I'll stoppit there...

c: "mantanul" (I kid you not)

Anonymous said...

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