Friday, November 14, 2008

Richard Boylan Warns of Nov. 15 Asteroid Strike

Oh, boy -- party time! I'm going to blow my savings on beer and hookers right now!


intense said...

Well, crap. Just in time for my birthday! I always did want a large meteor to strike Earth on my B-day--makes it kind of ...special!

I met and talked a few times with Boylan (he of infamous, license-losing hot tub soiree) in the early '90's--he was kind of nuts even then. Now I hear he claims to be some kind of galactic ambassador for Earth's "star children"--somehow I doubt the validity of his Native American buddy's prediction. Big ...yawn.

bizarre c: "endingum"

Anonymous said...

Its been a shit year for my family. Might as well top it off with a good old Asteroid strike ;)


Mac said...

Boylan's a nut-job, all right. I have to admit that I'm rather thankful that Strieber's site remembered to remind us of the impending cataclysm; I want to see this guy whine his way out of this (assuming, of course, that the world doesn't end).

intense said...

"I want to see this guy whine his way out of this (assuming, of course, that the world doesn't end)."

Rest assured, your assumption is correct. Good grief, that means you can predict the non-future! 8^}

Boylan's Indian buddy won't have to "whine his way out" of anything; remember the consequences of the flood prediction in "When Prophecy Fails"? When nothing happened, over half the group left in disgust at having been so gullible for believing in the first place.

But, the other half saw the non-fulfillment of the "prophecy" of the woman leading the group (via "channelled communications") as a great thing, as their prayers, meditations, etc., must have prevented the great disaster.

Now, how someone making a failed prophecy of disaster can end up being the reason or source for the dire prediction not coming to pass, despite the claim, is a pretty neat trick.

Justin said...

I wonder how many net nutters get payed to do viral marketing:

Wait a minute, isn't Day After Tomorrow based on something Strieber wrote? (I never saw it)

Anonymous said...

Symbolically it would have had more impact (sorry) if he'd seen it hitting Wall Street a few months back.


intense said...

Well, let's see: it's now a little after 3:30 pm on the East Coast, and no errant asteroids have apparently crashed into Earth.

Hmmm. Oh, here's the reason why:

You see, this link goes to Boylan's website, where, as the result of his personal intervention as Earth representative of something he calls the "Star Nations," his request for a psychic intervention to deflect the asteroid by the Star Visitors was granted, given that the Visitors, who in turn requested human participation in the "Joint Psychic Exercise," aided in the massive, collaborative effort to deflect the asteroid via our combined psychic abilities.

Well, that sure is a relief! 8^}

Mac said...

Well, I'm broke after last night's end-of-the-world bash. Thanks a lot, Star Visitors! >:-(

Mac said...

@Justin I think there are *two* 2012 movies on the horizon; the one you link to is the non-Strieber film (I think).

The premise of "The Day After Tomorrow" was based on "The Coming Global Superstorm" by Strieber and Art Bell. The book's interesting; the movie's a pretty formulaic disaster flick (although not unenjoyable).