Thursday, November 13, 2008

Virtual Webcam Girlfriend Is Entrancing, If a Little Perverted

From a technical standpoint, the Dennou AR Figures virtual 3D girlfriends, first announced a few months back, aren't much more impressive than PlayStation 3's Eye of Judgment. You install webcam software to that when your camera detects the special bundled cube onscreen, it fills a 3D companion into your environment. But when that 3D companion is a girl who can be dressed, tickled or, errr, spanked, the concept is born anew.

From an original short-story fragment:

Homeless people, many of them marred by cruel deformities, lined the defunct sidewalk, summoning vicarious charms from slates and projectors. A tiny naked woman with copious piercings writhed in mid-air, extremities flickering.

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Anonymous said...

If they could just marry augmented reality with a good pair of see-through VR frames, we'd be set.

I mean that in the least dirty way possible. Cough...