Sunday, November 30, 2008

Found: UFO Debris

British UFO researcher Gary Heseltine, who edits a monthly UFO magazine in the UK, says that he has some of the debris that was collected by the soldiers, who saw the UFO slam into the Troodos mountain range in Cyprus in 1973. They were ordered to collect the debris and put it into black plastic bags, but Clarke managed to confiscate some small pieces of golden tinted foil (similar to the debris found at Roswell).

Does anyone know more about this case (assuming it is, in fact, an actual "case") . . . ?


Intense said...

Here's a link to Gary Heseltine's original article:
16SEPTEMBER2005.pdf, the Heseltine publication it originally appeared in, has not been around for over two years, and as usual with these kinds of stories, I wasn't able to find out any results or further data about the "testing" of the alleged "ufo fragments" from the Troodos case involved.

This is the website Heseltine runs now:

intense said...

My understanding is that the alleged "ufo debris samples" have never been submitted to any laboratory for independent testing, in part due to concerns of such samples potentially being lost or results manipulated, and due to costs of testing.

This suggests to me, since the samples have been around since 1973, and in Heseltine's possession for at least 3 years, and since the "gold foil" sample appears likely to have human manufacturing origins, that this is yet another case of alleged samples never put to the test of genuine scientific analysis, most probably due to their prosaic origins.

You'd think some very small portion could be examined via electron microscopy, at least, but to do so might very well expose the original story as having a mundane, earthly origin. The alleged story, in this case, and its supposed implications, seems more important than attempting to scientifically prove it. 'Twas ever thus.