Saturday, November 29, 2008

Corpus 2.0 by Marcia Nolte

Corpus 2.0 by Marcia Nolte is a set of seven portraits illustrating how the human body could adjust itself to the design of products, including a hole in the lips for smokers and an extended shoulder for holding a phone.

Other proposals include a ridge in the nose developed for wearing glasses, ears moulded to accommodate earphones, a thumb with an extra joint for sending SMS messages more efficiently and a foot adapted to create the same posture as wearing high heels.


Anonymous said...

Ugh. Shouldn't technology adapt to us instead of the other way around?
Also: all of the examples make the person more ugly, although of course that might be a question of culture.

Mac said...


This isn't to be taken literally. It's an artistic commentary on the ubiquity of technology, not an actual endorsement of surgical alteration.

Although I *do* think I'd look pretty dapper with a notch between my eyes to keep my glasses from slipping. ;-)