Friday, November 07, 2008

For those wondering (like me) what an Obama presidency might herald for science and the environment, here are some interesting links:

Obama promises new era of scientific innovation

Obama on science, in his own words

And for anyone seeking a level critique of the challenges in store, George Dvorsky (Sentient Developments) offers a welcome reality-check:

Obama may have paved through some unprecedented political inroads on election night, but the popular ranking between himself and John McCain was shockingly narrow. Obama's mandate is not as flamingly progressive as many have made it out to be. To go beyond it would not only be political suicide in a stubbornly conservative country, it would run contrary to his rather vanilla election promises.

Many Americans, I'm afraid, have confused his campaigning messages of "hope" and "yes we can" with that of actual progressive politics.


Anonymous said...

Funny how Missouri is still undecided. This means your vote really would have mattered. I would have more respect for you if you had voted for McCain, and had the balls to take ownership of your decisions. Instead you pretended to be aloof from history and are now being cute about Obama as if anyone who actually participates is a chump.

Anonymous said...

"Politician promises *."

Guess how that usually turns out :p

Anonymous said...

Considering what we are up against as a global society, I would rather have Obama steering the ship in America...even if that doesn't mean sweeping and radical change. You know damn well he'll do a better job of it then Bush and friends.

If he can accomplish even a handful of progressive goals then it will have been worth the journey.

Here's hoping he's as "radical" as all the righties are scared of. That's really the kind of change everyone wants anyway. A complete paradigm shift from our current path. Rightwing media is working double-time trying to promote this "center right" meme but the truth is we all want a hard turn left...deep, deep left.