Friday, November 14, 2008

If, like me, you consider the UFO photograph the preeminent subversive medium of the 20th century, you won't want to miss 140 years of UFO sightings - Part I.


Anonymous said...

A nice collection of "golden oldies". I'm still fascinated by the frequency of the disk shape throughout the historical record of sightings and photos.


C:reteez - as in, reviewing these photos are a reteez, leaving the viewer anticipating and hungering for more.

Gareth said...

Some of these are amazing. And possibly showing my age, I havent seen most of them. I cant believe some of these arent bandied about more often instead of some of the usual suspects.

These 2 were interesting:

intense said...

"preeminent subversive medium"

That's a interesting turn of phrase; the content of the medium is also rather subversive.

Here's Part II:

Mac said...

"Medium" probably wasn't the word, unless one wants to subscribe to the postmodern notion that we populate UFO photos with our own biases, beliefs and assumptions. As such, they serve as a sort of psychological canvas or ink-blot test.