Friday, November 21, 2008

Mac Tonnies sings while making breakfast before coming out as an Alien On Earth.

Nope, not me. But there's indeed a weird (if superficial) resemblance.


Anonymous said...

I posted that at the risk of insulting you, but you must know I hold you in the highest regard.

And I do think you are an Otherworlder.

The resemblance is indeed superficial and not really that close, but I couldn't resist.
It's my way of saying that I still read your blog regularly and am fond of you and your particular quirkiness.

Anonymous said...

Finally, we get to hear Mac Tonnies sing. A parody, a Mac Tonnies parody, I'm impressed!


Mac said...

@Bsti Don't worry: I totally took this in the humorous manner in which it was intended. Interesting find, by the way.

And I do think you are an Otherworlder.

I can neither confirm nor deny . . .