Wednesday, November 12, 2008

When Jim Kunstler blogs about the future, I listen.


Anonymous said...

Grim, grim, and more grim. It may also turn out Kunstler is correct. Talk about your "negative paradigm" shifts--I wonder if most Americans can face these facts.

Well, they may have no choice.

Anonymous said...

My father was a young man during the "great depression". He was also a good story teller and never had to be encouraged to relate one or two. I heard at length about the depression and what it was like to live through it, first hand, from a severely economically stressed family perspective. Fortunately, I guess, he didn't have to live through another one, but he always kept a jar of cash buried in the back yard, just in case.


Chris Wren said...

Jim Kunstler is awesome. One of the many things I like about him is that he's never been fooled by the "China: the Next Superower" hysteria. China's economy is a billion times more fucked up and fragile than ours - they're just better at hiding ( and avoiding) bad news.

The other great thing about Kunstler is that if you stick with him, you see the brighter, more humane, more liveable future he sees at the end of this tunnel. He's often criticized as a pessimism-addict, but he's actually a long-term optimist.

David Biedny said...

I generally like and agree with Kunstler, but I think he's getting a bit shrill in his older age. Perhaps he's gone a bit over the edge - for example, the idea that we've all bought our last car. The world is just NOT that black and white.