Sunday, November 09, 2008

"I'm already living in a controlled environment, Sam. Nothing can touch me here. I'm alone. I'm safe."

"Have you ever heard of insect politics"?


Katie said...

On a Cronenberg kick? Both are such great movies.

I recently watched "The Dark Zone". I had forgotten how quiet but powerful it is. Christopher Walken plays Johnny with such pathos.

Mac said...

On a Cronenberg kick?

When am I *not* on a Cronenberg kick? :-)

I agree re. Walken's performance. He's a wonderfully versatile actor.

kudzu of intense said...

What's great about Walken is how strangely at least slightly off kilter he always is, even when in comedic or even musical roles. Not a bad dancer, either, based on that Fat Boy Slim video of a few years ago:

"Weapon of Choice"

C: "vines"

Mac said...

Hysterically funny video. I'd seen it before, but thanks for the reminder!