Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Firefighters' Manual Teaches First Responders to Deal with UFO Attacks

No, I'm not kidding: A recent ABC newscast focuses on how a commonly-used firefighters' manual from FEMA has an entire chapter devoted to UFO preparedness.


intense said...

Published by Fire Engineering Books and Videos (not FEMA), the "Fire Officers Guide to Disaster Control" does have a chapter on UFOs, but from a disaster or contingency planning perspective.

The chapter mentions things like if a UFO crashes, there could be unknown toxic effects, and also, for another example, how fire engines power plants and lights might go out if they get too close to an EMF field. I also suspect one of the two co-authors must have more than a passing interest in the UFO subject.

elan said...

Followed up by "Paramedics Guide to Zombie Attacks" and "The inter-dimensional Marriage Guide"