Thursday, November 06, 2008

Moon craters may hold traces of early life

Ice deposits hidden in the Moon's darkest craters might contain traces of early life from meteorites blasted off the Earth by asteroids billions of years ago.

These remains could reveal clues about the origin and evolution of life on Earth or even contain remnants of life from other planets in the Solar System, such as Mars, said astrobiologist Joop Houtkooper, of the University of Giessen in Germany.


Anonymous said...

If you had told me in the early 70's that we'd still be making guesses about what may or may not be present on our moon in the 21st century, I would've thought you were nuts.



Mac said...

I agree. It's nearly 2009 and we're still groping feebly in the dark when it comes to spaceflight.

Anonymous said...

The Viet Nam conflict, I won't call it a war, cost us dearly in so many aspects. We sacrificed much, not only in human life, but in our optimism and aspirations. The space program was a casualty.

Now, the cost of this latest "war/conflict" has buried us and wasted enormous resources that could have been so much better spent. Will we ever learn?