Friday, November 21, 2008

Evidence of vast frozen water reserves on Mars: scientists

Evidence of vast frozen water reserves on Mars: scientists
Ground-penetrating radar used by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter reveals numerous huge glaciers up to one half-mile thick buried beneath layers of rock and debris. Researchers said one glacier is three time the size of Los Angeles in area.

"All together, these glaciers almost certainly represent the largest reservoir of water ice on Mars that's not in the polar caps," said John Holt, a geophysicist at the University of Texas at Austin and lead author of a report about the discovery, which appears in the November 21 issue of the journal Science.

I just had the strangest sense of deja-vu.


linus r. said...

we will probably never taste what Martian bottled water is like.... oh well....

Anonymous said...

This isn't news for us's new for "them" ;)


Anonymous said...

water = life. what's so hard to understand about it ?

Paul Muad'Dib said...

Liquid water may equal life.

The water of life. Arrakis. Dune.

"Father, the sleeper has awakened!"

Mac said...

Mars *is* pretty damned Arrakis-like.