Monday, November 03, 2008

10 Things 3D Printers Can Do Now!

The concept of custom manufacturing is exciting to nearly everyone, but it always seems to be something that will happen in the "future". Gibson was right and the following list of applications for 3D printers show the truth in the saying "The future is here. It's just not evenly distributed yet."

(Via Beyond the Beyond.)


Anonymous said...

I'd love to have one of these, but I'm afraid the ink would be far too expensive.


Anonymous said...

[brainwash] And we could have electric cars as we speak. So why don't we yet have custom made ear-plugs, shoes, whatever? In this economically driven world, it will come with a price.
Even if it is inevitable, ultimately, it will only marginally make you more happy, if at all. Are you more happy because you have a cell-phone? Technology can do great things, but what really matters most depends on more than just technology. [brainwash]
Not that I have any illusion of anything ever changing.

intense drones on...and said...

For an interesting (and peripherally ufo-related, i.e. making a model of the infamous CARET drone) application for "3D printing" (aka Rapid Prototyping machines), check this out: