Wednesday, November 05, 2008

On a less morbid note, Obama did, in fact, mention a few points in his victory speech that I found encouraging.

1.) He used the words "planet in peril." So at least it would seem he's aware there's a problem, presumably one that can be lessened by the application of "science and imagination" -- and yes, he used those words too.

2.) Although the context was purely historical, Obama made reference to the Apollo Moon landing. If reason prevails, there will be another . . . and it's not inconceivable that the groundwork could be essentially completed during his own presidency.

"Hope"? "Change"? I'm skeptical, but in the original, healthy sense of the word. I want to see what Obama can do, and I'm willing to offer him my support if his promise to dissolve the corrosive, masturbatory zeitgeist of the Bush debacle has teeth.

Obama's been criticized for waxing "messianic." But "messianic" is something I can handle; the wanton, unapologetic stupidity that defined the McCain campaign (especially in its desperate final months) is not.

Goodbye, Sarah Palin. Farewell, Joe the (sort of) Plumber and Officially Sanctioned Barometer of the American Psyche. You were never anything more than cynical fictions; take solace in your imminent plunge into obscurity.

For the moment, at least, the future belongs to the elitists.


Anonymous said...

As an "older" white American who lived through the civil rights movement, Lyndon Johnson and Nixon's Viet Nam era, the Reagan years and the Bush debacle...I can only say, I woke up with a smile today, for a change!


Chris Wren said...

Attitude accounts for so much. Just saying "We have problems we need to aggressively address" as opposed to "We need to pull up the ladders and hunker down and pray!" - that's GOT to have some kind of positive effect.

Anonymous said...

He's got a terrible mess to clean up, too much for a single term really. We'll all be holding our breath hoping for "change".

I did take note of some of his speech cues...I really hope he puts a focus on the new space race. If you want to bring out the best in people, turn their heads to the stars.


an optimistic intense--for the moment-- said...

I think the primary initial benefit to Obama being elected is the beginning, hopefully, of a greater sense of competence, unity, and confidence his leadership potentially represents.

I, too, "woke up with a smile" today in retrospect of the possibility for real, needed change Obama has displayed and may be able to provide, but he is only one man, and as Chris notes above, attitude accounts for much, but as Denny says, he has a terrible mess and tragic legacy of almost seemingly intentional incompetence over the last 8 years ahead of him (and the Congress) to begin resolving, so while hope and expressions of change are important in this time, actions and continuity of progressive effort and thus real change are a far more crucial necessity.

Time will tell, but part of the critical problem is how much time he, and thus we, may have left to actually do, not talk, about what needs being done. Time and action are of the essence. Amen! 8^}

Anonymous said...

So you can't handle "unapologetic stupidity"? Actually you must be okay with it because you didn't lift a finger to prevent McCain from becoming president.

Anonymous said...

I reckon Obama wont last long in the White House. I see no way that white supremacists will let him live.

Anonymous said...

Right. Problem is Pelosi think she won and is president. The only good thing is Paul Volker is in his ear. i hope he has sway.